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LAMPLinux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl
LAMPLeadership and Management Programme (UK)
LAMPLoveless Academic Magnet Program (Montgomery, AL)
LAMPLyman-Alpha Mapping Project (US NASA)
LAMPLakewide Management Plan
LAMPLarge Account Management Process (Miller Heiman Group)
LAMPLinux Apache Mysql Php
LAMPLysosome-Associated Membrane Protein
LAMPLoop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (nucleic acid amplification method)
LAMPLocal Area Management Plan (various locations)
LAMPLakewide Action and Management Plans (US EPA)
LAMPLiteracy Assessment and Monitoring Programme (UNESCO)
LAMPLatin American Microform Project
LAMPLibrary Access to Music Project (MIT)
LAMPLouisiana Alliance for Minority Participation
LAMPLearn about Movie Posters (website)
LAMPLighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (St. Augustine, FL)
LAMPLakeshore Area Multi-Service Project (Canada)
LAMPLocally Advanced Multimodality Protocol
LAMPLine Activity Monitoring Program (flight data)
LAMPLake Acidification Mitigation Project
LAMPLarge Advanced Mirror Program
LAMPLouisiana Asset Management Pool
LAMPLocalized Aviation MOS Program (weather bulletin)
LAMPLay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor (New York City Catholic Service Ministry)
LAMPLocation Aware MAC Protocol
LAMPLow-level Airspace Management Plan
LAMPLogistics Automation Master Plan
LAMPLatin American Maize Evaluation Project
LAMPLicense Application Migration Project (Washington)
LAMPLagrangian Measurement Platform
LAMPLook At Me Post
LAMPLow Altitude Mapping and Photography
LAMPLogistics Assessment Methodology Prototype
LAMPLos Angeles Mentoring Project
LAMPLand A Mighty/Meaty Punch
LAMPLinux-Apache-MySQL (Standard Query Language)-Php (software bundle)
LAMPLatin American Missionary Project (UK)
LAMPLocal Anaesthetic, Manipulation and Plaster
LAMPLivelihood and Micro Finance Promotion (Fund)
LAMPLegal Age Meeting Points
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References in classic literature ?
Aladdin found everything as the magician had said, gathered some fruit off the trees, and, having got the lamp, arrived at the mouth of the cave.
"He don't like them candles--says he wants a lamp."
"It strikes me," said he, pulling down the lamp, "our friend Imray has come back.
And what's more -- if I was one of them I would see a man in Jericho before I would drop my business and come to him for the rub- bing of an old tin lamp."
I stood with my lamp held out over the stair-rail, and he came slowly within its light.
"You will know by and by," replied the man who held the lamp.
Books were to be written, and since books must be written in rooms, and rooms must have hangings, and outside the windows there must be land, and an horizon to that land, and trees perhaps, and a hill, they sketched a habitation for themselves upon the outline of great offices in the Strand and continued to make an account of the future upon the omnibus which took them towards Chelsea; and still, for both of them, it swam miraculously in the golden light of a large steady lamp.
Standing on the inner side of the tapestry, I found myself in a dark recess or passage, at the end of which a ray of light from the lamp showed me a closed door.
"Ah!" said Kotuko, coiling up the lash," I have a little one over the lamp that will make a great many howlings.
As she did so, on holding up the lamp we perceived that a mass of stone was rising slowly from the floor and vanishing into the rock above, where doubtless there is a cavity prepared to receive it.
Miss Pross had lighted the lamp, but had put it aside in a corner, that they might enjoy the fire-light undisturbed.
The Medical Man rose, came to the lamp, and examined the flowers.