LANAPLaser Assisted New Attachment Procedure
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Periodontal disease company Millennium Dental Technologies Inc reported on Thursday the receipt of the US patent for the LANAP protocol with the PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser for the minimally-invasive surgical treatment of gum disease and periodontitis.
In 2016, the LANAP protocol was awarded the world's first US FDA clearance for True Periodontal Regeneration--regenerating alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments and cementum on a diseased root surface.
A prospective 9-month human clinical evaluation of laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) therapy.
Effectiveness of LANAP over time as measured by tooth loss.
Bloore-Nicholson can be reached at: dnicholson@ lanap.corn.
Once gum disease has set in, patients now can look forward to LANAP. This procedure is easily divided into four main stages.
There is also an aesthetic improvement with the LANAP technique as less of the gum is removed and more of the healthy tissue is saved.
Among the exciting topics covered in the regional study clubs are how FDA cleared True Regeneration[TM] impacts LANAP practices regarding the standard of care and informed consent, the LAPIP[TM] protocol, plus Value-Added Procedures (VAPS[TM]) with your PerioLase[R] MVP-7[TM].
The LANAP Regional Study Club Series will kick off Saturday, November 12 in major regions across the United States including Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Cerritos (Los Angeles area) and Bellevue (Seattle area).
* Dental: Lasers in dentistry are used in the form of laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP), laser-facilitated wound healing, and laser root planning.