LANDMARCInternational Land Management Research Centre (Queensland, Australia)
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We are also proud to continue our association with Landmarc and the DIO, who have hosted the event at Nesscliff since its conception in 1994.
[17] Ni L M, Liu Y, Lau Y C, Patil A P., "LANDMARC: indoor location sensing using active RFID," Wireless networks, vol.
Landmarc is the firm that won the contract to manage firing ranges.
Landmarc, which manages MOD land in Wales, has signed up to the Welsh Government's Sustainable Development Charter, which is run by Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales
NORTH?BASED TrilogE in partnership with training and infrastructure support provider, Landmarc Support Service, is organising Northumberland's first Rural Career Showcase which is taking place tomorrow at the Jubilee Hall in Rothbury.
The LANDMARC algorithm comes from an active RFID indoor positioning System.
Partnering and supporting the exhibition as sponsors are Kamla Landmarc, Indiabulls, Rajesh LifeSpaces and Investors Clinic.
The BCCI also informed the court that DCHL had breached its contract as it did not inform the Board about its deal to sell off the franchise to Kamla Landmarc Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd.
Deccan Chronicle Holdings, who paid $107 million for the franchise in 2008, informed the Indian stock exchanges on Friday of their decision to sell the team to Kamla Landmarc, a Mumbai-based real estate company.
Therefore, both research and commercial products in this area are new, and many people in academia and industry are currently involved in the research and development of these systems, such as Active Badges [1], Cricket [2], Smart Floor [3], LANDMARC [4], etc.
We also compared our model to two other systems, Landmarc in Ni et al.