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LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory (est. 1943)
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10 million to replace aging potable water lines and install metering equipment for LANL potable water systems.
The HTLN's automated genotyping system, built by Agilent, was delivered to LANL in May 2009 for testing protocol development and validation.
To date LANL scientists have not been able to replicate the exact conditions that could have led to the chemical reaction, a problem Wallace called "frustrating.
LANL led a team working to turning windows and building facades into energy-producing solar panels using engineered quantum dots.
On 19 May, the NMED told the DOE and the LANL that they had two days to present a plan to secure the drums.
As an early adopter of transformational high performance computing, LANL has always pushed the frontiers.
In particular, LANL has experienced a series of high-profile security incidents that have drawn attention to the laboratory's inability to account for and control classified information and maintain a safe work environment.
of Utah, PPPL, ANL, LANL, for A National Collaboratory to Advance the Science of High Temperature Plasma Physics for Magnetic Fusion, D.
Coss said the LANL plan leaves nuclear waste buried in pits and trenches at the Laboratory's (TA)-54, Area G.