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Lannet provides services to retail and corporate customers, working in a deregulated market of the national fixed telephony company OTE, and ten alternate providers.
Intec said Convergent Billing provides a flexible and robust solution for Lannet and will allow the provider to benefit from an improved market share and position.
When we looked into other available switches for the upgrade, we seriously evaluated products from leading industry vendors, but because we had great service from the LANNET gear that had been in place for seven years, there was no compelling reason to change.
Fluent, MediaShare, Starlight Networks and LANNET were development partners; technical advances can be found in every component.
For one thing, the movement from element to enterprise network management gained momentum when several suppliers of internetworking products, including Cableton Systems and Lannet, announced their support for the leading enterprise platforms: Hewlett-Packard's OpenView, SunConnect's SunNet Manager and IBM's NetView/6000.
Also enbracing an open systems approach, Lannet is developing a series of object-oriented versions of its MultiMan network management applications for use with OpenView, SunNet Manager and NetView/6000.