LANSCELos Alamos Neutron Science Center
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From the LANSCE linear accelerator 800 MeV H beam pulses are injected into the Proton Storage Ring (PSR).
1], and this is the motivation for the NPDGamma experiment at LANSCE.
The NPDGamma experiment [6] is the first of a new program of fundamental electroweak symmetry experiments to be run at the Lujan Center spallation neutron source at LANSCE, which currently provides the highest intensity pulsed cold neutron source in the world for fundamental neutron physics.
We also measured the cold neutron flux, which compared well to a Monte Carlo simulation carried out by LANSCE accelerator staff for the present source conditions.
3--this is attributable to a lower moderator brightness as well as a lower production beam current in reality, as compared to initial forecasts when the LANSCE upgrade and the NPDGamma experiment were first proposed.
gamma]] can be measured at LANSCE with the full NPDGamma apparatus with a statistical uncertainty of [+ or -]4 X [10.
It is the first experiment that was designed for the new pulsed high flux cold beam line, flight path 12, at LANSCE.
The experiment uses an intense, pulsed (20 Hz), cold neutron beam at LANSCE [8].
Based on LANSCE FP12 beam brightness measurements and Monte Carlo calculations [8], the predicted average gamma rate into a single detector is 20 MHz.
Messing, The experimental test of the coupled moderator performance at LANSCE.