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LANTLower Avon Navigation Trust (UK)
LANTLateralized Attention Network Test (psychology)
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In football, as in life, it never rains but it pours, yet Lant (above) is determined to remain upbeat.
NCTAMS LANT and all those gathered here for this event today," Kohler began the historic final call.
The factors Dziabis and Lant (1998) consider crucial for building these relationships are listed in the accompanying table and briefly discussed in the following sections.
Asked about the features of the new lant, Al-Saadi said that "the new echnology, in place, would lead to the production of first-rate and
More than 80 guests attended the event at the Lant Community Centre in Meeting House Lane and enjoyed entertainment from the Caribbean Regals Steel Band along with the opportunity to test their skills at limbo dancing.
Police are "extremely concerned" about the welfare of Barbara Lant, 60, who runs the Royal Hotel in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.
55), Rawlings tells us, as soon as Piety's son, Lant, is born.
Yet, almost all commentators (including the World Bank itself) agree that the Bank's achievements have not lived up to the Bank's mandate--given in the words of economist Lant Pritchett "divergence big time" between the First World and Third World.
John Lant is signing on as producing artistic director at Write Act Repertory Company in Hollywood, Calif.