LANTCOMUnited States Atlantic Command
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3) A principios de los anos 2000, varios oficiales militares importantes como John Sheehan y Charles Wilhelm, excomandantes en jefe de LANTCOM y SOUTHCOM, respectivamente, ratificaron esa postura (Klepak 2005:277-278.
Considerable interest and talent at the operational level, ready and in some cases eager to deepen involvement in Africa, exists in the four geographic unified commands with responsibilities for Africa--EUCOM, CENTCOM, LANTCOM, and PACOM--as well as at SOCOM and elsewhere in DOD.
The center is currently supporting the following exercises: Tandem Thrust for PACOM, Ocean Venture for LANTCOM, Dynamic Guard for EUCOM, Fuertas Defensas/Cabanas for SOUTHCOM and Ulchi Focus Lens for CFC Korea.