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LANTIRNLow-Altitude Navigation & Targeting Infrared for Night
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Paul Lemmo, vice president of Fire Control/Special Operations Forces Contractor Logistics Support Services at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control said, "Enabling Sniper ATP and LANTIRN FMS customers to quickly and easily acquire sustainment support is critical.
Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will collaborate with Advanced Electronics company (AEC) to perform Sniper ATP and LANTIRN ER sustainment services as well as LANTIRN ER pod upgrades at the Sniper Expanded Repair Capability facility in Saudi Arabia.
The Viking's LANTIRN infrared capability was invaluable for taking away the cover of darkness from enemy combatants," said Tarrant.
LANTIRN is an acronym for "low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night.
When we finally released the weapon, and I watched it hit the target on my LANTIRN video, I was ecstatic.
All Danish F-16s (currently grouped in three squadrons: 726 at Aalborg and 727 and 730 at Skrydstrup) have undergone a mid-life upgrade (MLU) program, gaining modernized AN/APG-66(V)2 radars, with AIM-120 AMRAAM capabilities; LANTIRN targeting pods, enabling Paveway III capabilities; glass cockpits; improved data modems, and Link 16 systems.
Today, TCGs support a myriad of weapon systems F-16, F-5, T-38/T38, F-4, E-3, C-130, F-15, LANTIRN, Precision Guided Munitions such as Maverick, Paveway, and Tactical Missiles such as AIM-7, AIM-9 and AGM-88 missiles.
Pre-PBL Material PBL Material System Availability Availability F/A-18 Stores Management System 65% 98% Close in Weapons Support (CIWS) System 60% 89% Aviation Tires 81% 98% ARC-210 Radio 70% 85% AEGIS Spy 1 Radar System 85% 95% Auxiliary Power unit (APU) 70% 90% AEGIS Mission Fire Control System 69% 86% F-14 LANTIRN Targeting System 73% 90% H-60 Avionics 71% 99% Figure 5.
The basic blocking and tackling skills of disciplined radar work, FLIR and LANTIRN sensor management, and electronic warfare are required to put ordnance on target.
The LANTIRN is a generation ahead of the NiteHawk and provides a clearer picture.
Martin Marietta (later bought by Lockheed) bragged that its LANTIRN system could "locate and attack targets at night and under conditions of poor visibility.
36) See DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD, REPORT OF THE DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD TASK FORCE ON VERTICAL INTEGRATION AND SUPPLIER DECISIONS 4 (May 1997) (hereinafter DSB VERTICAL INTEGRATION STUDY) (discussing government's requirement that Lockheed Martin not discriminate against competing aircraft producers in manufacture and sale of LANTIRN device as condition of approving Lockheed's merger with Martin Marietta).