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LANTIRNLow-Altitude Navigation & Targeting Infrared for Night
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Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will collaborate with Advanced Electronics company (AEC) to perform Sniper ATP and LANTIRN ER sustainment services as well as LANTIRN ER pod upgrades at the Sniper Expanded Repair Capability facility in Saudi Arabia.
LANTIRN utilized first-generation technology originally developed
"The Viking's LANTIRN infrared capability was invaluable for taking away the cover of darkness from enemy combatants," said Tarrant.
** LANTIRN is an acronym for "low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night."
Using the FLIR and the LANTIRN system it was scary stuff.
Danish Aerotech A/S produces components for, among others, F-16 fighters and EH-101 helicopters and maintains aircraft, helicopters and weapons systems for NATO and the Danish Air Force, including T-17 training aircraft, Sidewinder/AMRAAM missiles and LANTIRN targeting systems.
* The ROVER system is an example: streaming video from any aircraft targeting pod (SNIPER, LITENING, LANTIRN) is sent directly to a laptop on the ground.
When viewed through thermal sights--such as those found on AH64 helicopters and the Air Force's LANTIRN system--a TIPs panel appears as a large cold spot that marks the vehicle as friendly.
When we finally released the weapon, and I watched it hit the target on my LANTIRN video, I was ecstatic.
All Danish F-16s (currently grouped in three squadrons: 726 at Aalborg and 727 and 730 at Skrydstrup) have undergone a mid-life upgrade (MLU) program, gaining modernized AN/APG-66(V)2 radars, with AIM-120 AMRAAM capabilities; LANTIRN targeting pods, enabling Paveway III capabilities; glass cockpits; improved data modems, and Link 16 systems.
Today, TCGs support a myriad of weapon systems F-16, F-5, T-38/T38, F-4, E-3, C-130, F-15, LANTIRN, Precision Guided Munitions such as Maverick, Paveway, and Tactical Missiles such as AIM-7, AIM-9 and AGM-88 missiles.