LAOFLower Atmospheric Observing Facilities (NSF program)
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While DOWs are highly requested, the subset of available LAOF includes other instrument platforms that not only provide variety to the student learning experience but also obtain data in a greater range of weather conditions.
The NCAR S-band/ Ka-band Dual Polarization, Dual Wavelength Doppler Radar (S-PolKa) should be retained in the LAOF pool.
We now address existing facilities or proven technologies that through some minor enhancements or additions could lead to significant research breakthroughs, especially if made available more readily to researchers via inclusion in the LAOF instrument pool, according to the discussions at the C-RITE workshop.
This technology exists but currently is not available on the three aircraft in the LAOF pool.
Also desired, in the LAOF pool, is a scanning polari metric Doppler radar with proper stabilization for shipborne operations, such as the Colorado State University Sea-going Polarimetric (SEA-POL) radar.
The technology for this instrumentation is well established, but an LMA currently is not available through the LAOF pool.
There is a sense among NSF program officers and LAOF facility managers that atmospheric science field campaigns have grown more complex and more expensive over time.
Rather, we encourage early and direct communication with NSF program managers and LAOF providers to obtain advice about what is feasible.