LAOILarge Artery Occlusive Infarction
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Maire Ni Laoi, pregnant, comes with her husband, and faints when she sees the Madman, but even she does not recognize Micil.
With Shane Walsh and Antaine O Laoi sharp in the forward line too, Galway easily fended off Roscommon's infrequent attacks and claimed a fourth win of the campaign.
TV TIMES: Live on RTE tomorrow from 1.30pm TEAM NEWSGALWAY B Power E Kerin SA O Ceallaigh L Silke G O'Donnell G Bradshaw J Daly T Flynn F O Curroin S Walsh M Daly J Heaney A O Laoi I Burke D Cummins ROSCOMMOND O'Malley D Murray S Mullooly C Daly N Daly C Hussey R Daly T O'Rourke S Killoran C Devaney C Cregg N Kilroy D Murtagh C Cox E Smith
GALWAY: B Power; E Kerin, SA O Ceallaigh, L Silke (1-2); K Molloy (G O'Donnell 16), G Bradshaw (J Duane 68), J Daly; T Flynn, F O Curraoin (0-1); S Walsh (0-4, 3f), M Daly (0-2), J Heaney (1-0) (C McDaid 64); A O Laoi (R Finnerty 61), I Burke (Martin Farragher 1-1, 66), D Cummins (E Brannigan 0-1, 55).
Galway's goal in the 25th minute came after a defencesplitting pass from Antaine O Laoi was won by the raiding Johnny Heaney, and Cummins (right) pounced to palm in the 16th goal of his inter-county career.
VERDICT: Galway MR c MV TEAM NEWSSLIGOE Kilgannon M Gordon P Laffey K Cawley G O'Kelly-Lynch D Cummins P McNamara A McIntyre P Kilcoyne M Gordon S Carrabine N Mullen P O'Connor A Marren N Murphy GALWAY B Power E Kerin SA O Ceallaigh L Silke K Molloy G Bradshaw J Daly T Flynn F O Curraoin S Walsh M Daly J Heaney A O Laoi I Burke D Cummins TV TIMES: Highlights on The Sunday Game, tomorrow, 9.30pm
Subs: C Brady (0-1) for R Finnerty h/t, C Brennan (1-0) for D'Arcy 37, M Boyle for Conneely 39, E Lee for S Kelly 44, A O Laoi for Mannion 54, P O Curraoin for Molloy 60.
PLAYERS USED: 30 TOP SCORER: Shane Walsh 0-26 PLAYERS WHO STARTED EVERY GAME: 6 - Eoghan Kerin, Gary O'Donnell, Ciaran Duggan, Tom Flynn, Johnny Heaney, Shane Walsh BIG FIND: Antaine O Laoi WILD CARD: John Daly LOWDOWN: An up and down campaign though after so long in Division Two, securing their status quite comfortably was an achievement in itself.
TV TIMES: Highlights on TG4 tomorrow night, 8pm TEAM NEWSLONDONG McEvoy P Butler M Moynihan C O'Neill D Carrabine M Clarke E Flanagan A McDermott L Feerick M Gottsche L Gavaghan B Tully C Doran F McMahon K Butler GALWAY R Lavelle E Kerin SA O Ceallaigh D Wynne L Silke J Daly G O'Donnell T Flynn M Daly A O Laoi P Cunningham J Heaney I Burke S Walsh D Cummins
Since then, the 77-year old (right) has enjoyed relat success Kildare, Laoi Wicklow.
GIt's something of a new-look Galway side, with three full Championship debutants - John Daly, Antaine O Laoi and Padraic Cunningham - while there are just seven surviving starters from last year's All-Ireland semi-final loss to Dublin.
TV TIMES: Highlights on League Sunday (9.30pm) TEAM NEWSTYRONEN Morgan P Hampsey R McNamee HP McGeary T McCann F Burns B McDonnell C McShane R Donnelly M Donnelly N Sludden C Meyler C McAliskey P Harte K McGeary GALWAY R Lavelle E Kerin SA O Ceallaigh D Wynne G O'Donnell J Daly G Bradshaw T Flynn C Duggan P Cooke S Walsh J Heaney D Cummins M Daly A O Laoi