LAOOCLos Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee
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IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch sent a letter to Peter Ueberroth, the president of the LAOOC, noting that Olympic officials didn't like the networks coverage because it threatened to diminish the "international flavor" of the Games.
When the Games ended, the LAOOC reported it had total revenues of more than $768 million; more than one-third of that came from international television agreements.
He was a sportswriter for the old Los Angeles Herald-Examiner for 11 years, covering the Los Angeles Lakers and then the build-up towards the 1984 Olympic Games before joining Ueberroth at the LAOOC in 1983.
"Chuck Cale, Vice President of the LAOOC, and Associate Vice Presidents Hank Taterchuk and Bill Schmidt also provided invaluable guidance," Mr.
Strenk now works on the LAOOC staff as researcher and writer.
the concentrators are expected to save the LAOOC perhaps $9 million in telecommunications charges during the games, primarily by minimizing the number of required data links that connect the Teletype 5410 terminals to the 3B20s computers at AT&T's EMS data center in downtown Los Angeles.
Motorola's Communications Sector is the official radio communications sponsor, and is providing its Metro-Page 200 radio-paging exchange to provide alphanumeric text display paging and tone paging for the LAOOC, officials and participants.
Specifications of the menu have been approved by the LAOOC and Vons will deliver to those specs.
Also, the LAOOC has done an excellent job of keeping city costs to a minimum.
Because the company was promised only a limited number of hotel rooms by the LAOOC, it decided to rent the Love Boat, from the ABC television series, so it could bring as many employees as possible to the Games.
Affiliation with the LAOOC allows a company to become an official sponsor of the 1984 games with exclusivity in a particular category.
The LAOOC has limited the number of "official" sponsors to between 30 and 35.