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LAPALatin America Parents Association (adoption support; New York)
LAPALicensed Adoption Placement Agency (India)
LAPALos Angeles Philharmonic Association (est. 1919; California)
LAPALength Adaptive Pressure Assessment (PII Group)
LAPALeased Access Programmers Association (Jackson, MS)
LAPALocal Action Planning Association (Australia)
LAPALos Angeles Paranormal Association
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supply of rental of machinery without driver, Including fuel, Technical assistance and maintenance necessary for the execution of the closure project and sealing of the landfills of cueva lapa and llanos costa botija, Municipality of gldar, Gran canaria.
In particular, Eisma said Lapa Trade Development Director Jim MacLellan recommended to maximize Subic's potential to be the next cruise-ship playground in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region, not only by increasing cruise-ship arrival and port revenues but also by developing downstream industries like arts and crafts, culture, music and related industries to promote a sustainable cruise-tourism program.
O fragmento de 128,67 ha de area conservada esta localizado no municipio da Lapa, Estado do Parana sob as coordenadas 25[degrees]48'11" S e 49[degrees]41'27" W (Figura 1), inserida na Area de Protecao Ambiental (APA) da Escarpa Devoniana.
Em 1956, Alvaro Lapa termina o liceu onde teve como professor de literatura Virgilio Ferreira.
The branch collection from each cultivar was held on 04/06/2008 in Curitiba and 06/06/2008 in Lapa, and the branches were transported to the Laboratory of Plant of UFPR for the dormancy evaluation using the biological and tetrazolium tests.
Our night in Lapa was a world away from the tourist-filled hotel bars and was one of the extra experiences we enjoyed courtesy of our G Adventures tour guides.
It's where, in the early 1990s, former US Peace Corps workers Karen and John Lewis bought 930 acres of rainforest that acts as a buffer to the national park, and moved from Minnesota to Costa Rica to create Lapa Rios, an eco-lodge and private nature reserve.
subsidiary has closed on the acquisition of a majority interest in Sociedade TA(c)cnica Educacional da Lapa S.
LAPA is the first academy in Kuwait that caters to all aspects of the performing arts such as music, dance and theatre.
In the film, Lapa weaves together Himmler's life through these artifacts and restored film footage from German archives.
This was the historic neighbourhood of Lapa and was the spirit of Rio de Janeiro encapsulated.