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LAPACKLinear Algebra Package
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La especificacion LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage), incluye soporte para matrices densas, simetricas, banda y triangulares para diferentes operaciones, como la resolucion de sistemas de ecuaciones lineales, la aproximacion de minimos cuadrados y la busqueda de valores propios y de valores singulares.
In our study, we carried out dense M-V products at each iteration using the LAPACK library [2].
En el caso de los procesadores Intel no es necesario tal tarea titanica porque el Math Kernel Library desarrollado por la propia intel basado en las librerias LAPACK y otras del NETLIB [18], y optimizadas para los procesadores Intel en MPI y OpenMP, permite utilizar directamente estas herramientas con los compiladores icc (C/C++) y ifort (Fortran) de la propia Intel.
The millions of developers that rely on LAPACK routines for solving problems ranging from computational physics and structural mechanics to electronic design automation can now get up to a 10X boost in performance over a single quad-core CPU(1) by using NVIDIA Tesla(TM) GPUs in their workstation or datacenter.
The coarse-grain block partitioning is used by several image-processing applications, and fine-grain block partitioning is used in the iWarp implementation of the LAPACK library [Kung and Subhlok 1991].
Designing and tuning such a project as LINPACK, or its successor LAPACK [18], for a large number of incompatible architectures will be daunting, to say the least.
The program EIGENCNT is coded in C and uses LAPACK [3] and UMFPACK [11] to perform the LU factorizations.
For example, ClearSpeed's energy-efficient Advance board is designed to accelerate floating point BLAS, LAPACK, and FFT libraries, much as graphics cards accelerate the Direct3D and OpenGL graphics libraries.
Watts, SUMMA Scalable Universal Matrix Multiplication Algorithm, LAPACK Working Note 99, Technical Report CS-95-286, University of Tenesse, 1995.
The new release incorporates the well-respected, cache-aware LAPACK library, which replaces LINPACK and EISPACK, resulting in significant calculation speed improvements.