LAPELocal Alcohol Profiles for England
LAPELithuanian Academy of Physical Education (est. 1934; Kaunas, Lithuania)
LAPELow Altitude Parachute Extraction
LAPELaboratoire d’Analyse et Prospective Économiques (French)
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Egco presented Lape and another witness, Renato Sardonsillo, in a press briefing in Malacanang on Thursday.
Lape, a spotter during Dizon's killing, bared the names of three out of 10 Kapa members who were in a meeting to carry out the plan.
See also Lape, supra note 89, at 202 (noting an "advantage" where courts can ensure "prediction of litigation outcomes will be more accurate" in a copyright context.).
Tyler Lape, 23, whose friend was one of the victims, told the local newspaper he left the bar about five minutes before the shooting. 
Transporto laivai ir ju grimzles dides irjiems reikes statyti nauja uosta pire Giruliu" (Lape 1971).
Atskirame lape ir elektronineje kopijoje reikia pateikti duomenis apie autorius: vardas ir pavarde, darboviete ir jos adresas, telefonas (darbo, namu), faksas, elektroninis pastas.
I am assisting Megan Lape, the director of the NC, to conduct research and analysis of health policy, funding opportunities, and cross=programmatic metrics and measures to further enable coordinated service delivery across health and human service programs.
Lape Mansfield Nakasian & Gibson, LLC acted as legal advisor to T-Mobile.
With the three-year extension, more states are expected to take advantage of the funding, which can mean millions of dollars per state and allow technology improvements ''at little to no cost,'' said Megan Lape of the American Public Human Services Association, a nonprofit membership organization.
A good start is: Fantham 1975, Pierce 1997, James 1998, Sommerstein 1998, Rosivach 1998, and Lape 2001; more recently Gardner 2013 and James 2014.
Peng, Cecilia Chiang, Philip Chiang, Bob Lape, Fuchsia Dunlop.