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LAPPLaboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique des Particules (French nuclear and particle physics laboratory)
LAPPLocal Approved Products Policy (New Zealand)
LAPPLimited Access Privilege Program (fishing)
LAPPLender Appraisal Processing Program (US VA loans)
LAPPLondon Association of Primal Psychotherapists (UK)
LAPPLos Alamos Portable Pulser
LAPPLos Alamos Polycrystal Plasticity
LAPPLegal Advocates for Permanent Parenting, Inc.
LAPPLogarithm of a Posteriori Probability
LAPPLinux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP/Python/Perl
LAPPLinux Apache PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) PostgreSQL (Structured Query Language)
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Sjogren's records differ at least in three points: presence of entry glosses (in Russian, printed); presence of Nenets glossary and Komi words; absence of glossary, though only fragmentary, of Enontekio Lapp. F.
Lapp represents the new breed of Democratic campaign consultants, who are just as comfortable with bloodletting as their Republican counterparts.
In this instance, an exception was made in order to reach the world with the message of thanks, Lapp said.
This Lapp "pillar of the world" was part of an old sacrificial site seen in the 18th century near Porsanger Fjord on what is now the northernmost coast of Norway.
Existing studies have examined the links between monetary policy and the agricultural sector mainly for the US economy [Belongia, 1985; Starleaf et al., 1985; Grennes and Lapp, 1986; Lapp, 1990].
He escapes from the rock with an ingenious stratagem and stumbles upon the house of a young Lapp peasant woman, Anny (Anni-Kristina Usso).
(12.) Lewis JB, Rueggeberg FA, Lapp CA, Ergle JW, Schuster GS.
`Cassie was scared, but she sounded strong, like she knew what she was going to answer,' reported 16-year-old Joshua Lapp.
Joshua Lapp, 16, who saw several of the killings, said he and others felt nervous about returning.
This year's keynote speaker will be Janet Lapp, publisher of The Change Letter and author of two books -- Dancing With Tigers and Plant Your Feet Firmly In Mid-Air: Guidance Through Turbulent Change.
Most of the iconography becomes evident when we see that The Paris Bit is a redoing of a canvas of 1928, Rue LApp. Here we learn that L^ BELLE FRANCE is the name of a hotel, that the "cafd presse" is in fact a beer mug, and that the shape above it is a street lamp.
Lapp is the shared services group leader of corporate travel accounting for Kraft Foods, a subsidiary of Philip Morris Companies Inc.