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The Lapre Scali acquisitions were purchased strategically to establish offices in Arizona and Nevada cities, and have been a combination of turnkey offices and small agencies, books of business and producers with books of businesses, including programs of business that had a tactful fit.
Este es un tema particularmente relevante en los contextos empresariales puesto que ayuda a explicar por que las relaciones comerciales pueden ser exitosas y duraderas (Lapre y Tsikriktsis, 2006).
One negative effect of turnover may include a reduction in customer satisfaction (Anderson, Fornell, & Mazvancheryl, 2004; Gruca & Rego, 2005; Koys, 2001; Lapre & Tsikriktsis, 2006; Mittal, Anderson, Sayrak, & Tadikamalla, 2005; Rust & Chung, 2006).
Support for this view is also provided by the scholarly findings showing linkages between experiential learning and advantage-seeking outcomes in a variety of different contexts, including professional sports (e.g., Holcomb et al., 2009), semiconductors (e.g., Hatch & Mowery, 1998; Irwin & Klenow, 1994), pharmaceuticals (e.g., Pisano, 1994), and industrial products (e.g., Lapre & Van Wassenhove, 2001), among others.
We focused on user-identified operational failures because research has shown that front-line employees are an excellent source of work-system improvement ideas (Mukherjee, Lapre, and Wassenhove 1998; Field and Sinha 2005).
In the mid-1990s, A-list hucksters like the thunderously perky life coach Tony Robbins and the tiny-classified-ad tycoon Don LaPre were inescapable TV presences, and while their water-torture promises of instant wealth and happiness were preposterous, they were also infectious, helping to create a national mood of high-octane optimism.
"Our challenge is to provide a more flexible method of training our customers who are not able to participate in traditional classroom training", said Erik Lapre of Emerson's Educational Services.
A risk averse individual will not spend part of his income on a lottery to win the same expected amount (Lapre and Rutten, 1999).
Brimmanna boda, abeod eft ongean, sege pinum leodum miccle lapre spell, paet her stynt unforcud eorl mid his werode, pe wile gealgean epel pysne, AEpelredes eard, ealdres mines, folc and foldan." (60) [Byrhtnoth made a speech, grasped his shield, brandished his ashen spear, proclaimed with words, the angry and resolute man gave him back an answer: "Do you hear, seafarer, what these people say?
These studies have shown that experience improves customer service and product quality (Dart, Argote, and Epple, 1995; Lapre, Mukherjee, and Van Wassenhove, 2000) and increases the survival rates of hotels (Ingram and Baum, 1997; Baum and Ingrain, 1998) and banks (Kim and Miner, 2000).