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LAPTVLinear Almost-Periodically Time Varying
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"The consolidation of satellite platforms is very attractive because from the start, every subscriber to basic is a potential premium customer," says LAPTV general manager Carlos Diaz.
Film Zone is a basic channel produced by Atlanta-based programmer LAPTV and backed by Universal, MGM, Paramount and 20th Century Fox.
With LAPTV and Ole charging several bucks a head, the MSOs (who often aren't awarded monopolies, and so need to compete on price) find their margins squeezed.
Worst offis LAPTV. Last year, newly appointed CEO Genaro Rionda began a strategy to close the gap between LAPTV's Cinecanal and top film net HBO Ole.
The HBO Ole Group, backed by Warner, Sony and Disney, and LAPTV, backed by Universal, Paramount, MGM and Fox, are dangling multiplexed versions of their film nets in front of operators' noses as an extra incentive to introduce premium.
LAPTV recently went one further with Movie City, a channel it's hyping as "superpremium," with the cream of Hollywood and indie releases available sooner than usual after theatrical release.
Asimismo, Warner Channel se fue de las manos de Multichannel Media Sales para entrar de lleno al grupo de Turner International Argentina quien ahora maneja su area publicitaria de Argentina y Fox One Stop Media comenzo a comercializar los espacios publicitarios de algunas senales de LAPTV tambien en Argentina.
Algo parecido le paso a Fox One Stop Media, que fue seleccionado por LAPTV para comercializar en exclusiva el area publicitaria de las senales Cinecanal (tm) y The Film Zone (tm) en Argentina, la que antes era comandada por Jorge Gandolfo & Asociados.
The conference, to be held November 13 and 14 at the Fontainableau Hilton Resort & Towers in Miami Beach, Florida, will be brimming with heavyweight Latin American entertainment companies such as Canal 13, Caracol, Cisneros Television Group, DirecTV/Galaxy Latin America, Globo TV Network, HBO Latin America, LAPTV, MTV Latin America, Sky Latin America, Telemundo Network and TV Azteca.