LAQLand Acquisition (India)
LAQLegal Aid Queensland (Australian government agency)
LAQLame Ass Quote
LAQLymphedema Association of Quebec (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
LAQLanguage Assessment Quarterly (international journal)
LAQLife Activities Questionnaire
LAQLIN (Line Item Number)/Quantity/Amount (US Army)
LAQLong Arc Quad
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The present study was undertaken to find out the effectiveness of SAQ and LAQ in assessing cognitive domain among students and to examine the performance of high achievers and low achievers based on SAQ and LAQ assessment.
Maximum marks for SAQ as well as LAQ were 15 marks.
Examples of questions in the LAQ are: "As a single parent of a low-income family, I feel very embarrassed" and "Because of poor economic capacity I am unable to take good care of my children".
Moderate assistance needed for SLR, SAQ, and LAQ and moderate cuing for quad set.
In contrast to the SET, which focuses on instructor behaviors, LAQ focuses more on student course-related tasks, many of which are completed outside of the classroom.
Another area in which the LAQ differs from and therefore supplements the SET is its focus on concrete specific variables that facilitates clearer direction for change.
In order to investigate each of these possibilities, we commenced by analysing statistical data on the provision of advice services by LAQ, and applications for and refusals of legal aid, in the areas of family law, domestic violence and anti-discrimination law, over a seven year period (1 July 1997-30 June 2005).
To flesh out and illuminate the statistical data, we conducted interviews with 152 of the women whose files were analysed; and interviews with 152 lawyers and community workers working with women in the target groups, 19 women representing themselves in court in domestic violence and family law matters, and six LAQ grants officers.
In her evaluation of the LAQ with a college sample of users of counseling services and matched nonusers, Palombi reported that the intercorrelations among the total score and subscale scores ranged from .
Palombi reported that, similar to the LAQ, the WI might be measuring a unidimensional construct.
Tenders are invited for Unit Rate for Providing Consultancy service for preparing LAQ and ROU Proposal for Moti Bhamari Ta :- Nandod ro Vadi Ta :- Umarpada Dst :- Surat ( Karjan Reservoir Based M.
Spawned by today's multimedia sound-bite world, LAQs are the PR department's worst nightmare.