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LARBLark Bunting (bird species Calamospiza melanocorys)
LARBLittle Arkansas River Basin
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Last question: end-of-the-world scenario, Larb Fest in Pripyat, the evacuated city outside of the Chernobyl.
This pork larb is no exception and whenever we serve it to guests as a starter or a pre-dinner nibble, the feedback is always great.
The three pork-containing dishes reported to have been served at the event included pork stew, grilled pork, and raw larb. Attendees were interviewed about preparation and consumption of the three pork dishes served at or taken home from the event, as well as consumption of any other pork-containing dishes served at the event and other sources of wild boar or bear meat.
Wild Boar Sweetbread Larb with Sweet Shrimp Lime Paste and Edible Pork and Cashew Film
Each year there are more CARB appeals than LARB appeals.
Writing for the LARB in April, Justin Campbell said, "White supremacy either devours you--white, black, or otherwise--or drains you of your empathy for those who are systematically consumed.
For spring, you may want to try Blueberry Tamari Greens Bowl, Asparagus Pad Thai Salad, or Thai Seitan Larb in Lettuce Cups.
Stone, anticipating the forthcoming surge of spice, splurges on a bottle of Riesling to accompany homespun dishes--pork larb and pad see-ew.
Menu includes Hot and Sour Soup; Chiang Mai Noodles; Green Papaya Salad; Beef Salad; Crispy Catfish Salad; and Larb. $47.50.
No visit of mine is complete without a visit to Lil Siam, tucked away in one corner--it's become quite an expat institution and their Larb Gai still revs my saliva into a frenzy.