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LARDLocality Aware Request Distribution
LARDLymphocyte-Associated Receptor of Death
LARDLos Angeles Racing Dragons (paddling club; Los Angeles, CA)
LARDLaboratoires Associés de Radiophysique et de Dosimétrie (French: Radiophysics and Dosimetry Associate Laboratories)
LARDLanguage for Asynchronous Research and Development (UK)
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To another room came all the scraps to be "tanked," which meant boiling and pumping off the grease to make soap and lard; below they took out the refuse, and this, too, was a region in which the visitors did not linger.
There was a building to which the grease was piped, and made into soap and lard; and then there was a factory for making lard cans, and another for making soap boxes.
He also brought a great ball of lard from what they had in the house, and the suitors warmed the bow and again made trial of it, but they were none of them nearly strong enough to string it.
The Sainsbury's store in Fletchamstead Highway have no lard but store manager Phil Harris stressed they had alternatives such as vegetable fat.
As a result, these cheaper cuts, which are traditionally used to produce lard, are not available.
He joined Radio 1 in 1991, and was given a daily late-night show with Manchester-born Lard, a former member of rock group The Fall and a music press officer, as regular guest.
A fire kept the liquid boiling, while another neighbor brought two large cast iron pots for rendering lard.
Paul wails: "It was my childhood!" The Rt Hon Tub Of Lard MP made an appearance on Paul's team in 1993 when politician Roy Hattersley failed to appear on the show for the third time in a row.
Because friends know how health-conscious I am, they're sometimes surprised to hear me talk about cooking with lard. But pork from our heirloom American Guinea hogs is my favorite meat.
In the report, the AHA cites coconut and palm oils as saturated fats to avoid, along with the usual suspects -- butter, lard and beef fat.
Hence in this paper, we apply simple linear regression (SLR), multiple linear regression (MLR), and partial least squares regression (PLSR) for prediction of lard in palm olein oil using FTIR.
They made old-fashioned lard soap recipes with potash: a caustic potassium chloride solution derived from leeching rainwater through hardwood ashes.