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LARISLarge-Amplitude Rotary Induced-Strain (actuator)
LARISLanguage for Railway Interlocking Specifications
LARISLaser Ablation and Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy
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It is of no surprise then, you would think, that a woman of Lari's stature would become the first female architect of Pakistan.
It's not lost on me that, if I'm thinking compositionally, it's because Laris Cohen wants me to--the performance arena has been defined by unstretched, undyed canvas, which covers the floor and curdles at its edges.
Datu Laris and Onging are brothers and both are leaders of Alamara, Balilid said.
(6.) Laris and Portnoy, "Meet David Brat, the man who brought down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor."
The company's revenues from transportation over the mentioned period rose by 5.7 percent versus the first half of last year standing at 175.1 million laris.
Jodi Melnick and Sterling Hyltin, Jillian Pena and Troy Schumacher, Yve Laris Cohen and Emily Coates, and Will Rawls and Kaitlyn Gilliland round out the program.
The Chinese government has lodged a strong protest (Laris, 2014) and such a law cannot be viewed as constructive in terms of positive Chinese American relationships.
Life history of Megamelus scutel laris with description of immature stages (Hemiptera: Delphacidae).
No tocante a legislacao, laris Ramalho Cortes contextualiza a emergencia e as mudancas referentes as leis civis, penais e trabalhistas, demonstrando como foram significativas no sistema juridico nos ultimos 100 anos.
According to the expert report, the value of the seized items total 6451.9 laris
That's because her company, Laris Insurance Agency in Lockport, Louisiana, has just taken on a client who performs oil-induced hydraulic fracturing operations.
Laris distrofide konfokal mikroskopi stroma icerisinde yaygin, koyu renkli, dallanan latis cizgileri, Bowman tabakasinda artmis yansiticilik, bazal epitel hucrelerinde birikinti ve duzensizlikler tespit etmektedir.