LARRILabour Resource and Research Institute (Namibia)
LARRILiving Aquatic Resources Research Institute (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Laos)
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Larri was awarded the gold medal for inventing an offside detector for football matches.
Chinese Investment in Namibia: A Labour perspective, Labour Resource and Research Institute (LaRRI).
As time went by SATUCC became politically visible and were reporting on economic and employment conditions and were also making suggestions to SADC (LaRRI, 2001).
Helping Al Gafees run the show are committee members Larri Barcelona (Budget & Proposal), Edgar Ballentes (Master of Ceremony & Program Preparation), Khalid Khalazani (Procurement & Sponsorship), George Abalorio (Tournament Court Representative), Srejeesh K (Program Design), Joe Lunas (Official Photographer), Arman Napel (All Around Maintenance), and Exequiel Garcia (In-Charge, Table Committee) .
The process of linguistic dialect integration is also seemed in a way that the Kahlhora rulers in Larr (South) were used to speak Saraiki language and their cousins who ruled Bahawalpur spoke Larri. This close association of the two regions also put strong influence
The book summarizes the results of a training programme for young Namibians, on the energy sector offered in 2013 by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in partnership with Earthlife Namibia, the Goethe Centre, NaDs and LaRRI.
"If what Modi says about being a tea-seller is true, then he should disclose from which larri (cart) he used to do so.
Yn anrheg pen-blwydd yn dair, prynais Harri a Larri iddo.
MD OH Stanley Miller, MD TN Matthew Miller, MD CA Matthew Miller, DO PA Larri Mishko.
The new board voted to dismiss the nonprofit's chief financial officer, chief operating officer, general counsel (Larry's daughter, Larri Sue) and an internal auditor.
It draws on an earlier comparative study by Larri (2006) of AuSSI schools in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (Vic), as well as the authors' own evaluation of the network approach adopted in Queensland (Qld) (Davis & Ferreira, 2006).
Saturday found me and Larri in the local Legion set up on a stage opposite the bar.