LARRSLow Altitude Retro-Rocket System
LARRSLivestock and Range Research Station (Miles City, MT)
LARRSLos Angeles Radio Reading Service
LARRSLitter Abatement and Resource Recovery Strategy (Northern Territory, Australia)
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Grossman produced and directed the LARRS parade broadcast in 1999, which was broadcast by CBS-TV with a special audio channel and aired on the Secondary Audio Program Services in Boston.
In the LARRS, Nikolett Kovacs from Hungary and Waled Benterki from Algeria will participate again this season.
In the Losail Asian Road Racing Series, the fastest rider was the leader of the LARRS, india's Rajini Krishnan.
In the LARRS there are riders from different nationalities like Hungary, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Algeria, Taipei and also from Qatar.