LARSELos Angeles Region Seismic Experiment (cooperative study; California)
LARSELaboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology (USDA Forest Service and Oregon State University)
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P: A no a did say a wud be de larse wan to leave, but a had to leave [I used to say I would be the last person to relocate, but I had to leave].
- Monitor telecom switches; fiber optic equipment; SONET; microwave radios; servers; multiplexers; SNMP, TL1 and ASCII equipment; DPS Telecom RTUs; remotes from Badger, Dantel, Larse, NEC and Pulsecom; and many other network devices.
In Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Conference on Very Larse Databases (VLDB).
In: Wilson JD, Foster DW, Kronenberg HM, Larse PR, et al.
The network has single T1s to each branch, connecting to Larse Split-T multiplexers, which break out individual channels to PBXs and to the token ring routers at each site.
For those who like it techy and deep, check out the Larse Vocal on the package also, for me though it's Frankie and Eric all the way on this one.
Contact Eric Larse at (206) 380-9035, visit
Contact Eric Larse at (206) 380-9035, visit
Contact Eric Larse at (206) 380-9035, elarse@ visit