LASATLagrangian Simulation of Aerosol Transport
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LASAT and GRAMM used data from the i-Box site CS-VFO (Table 1) at level 2 as input; INCA is nested into the Aire Limitee Adaptation Dynamique Developpement International (ALADIN)-AROME model [ALARO;; ZAMAG's operational weather model] and additionally uses data from the operational observational network (not including i-Box data); the WRF Model is driven from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)'s global Integrated Forecast System (IFS) model.
This mechanism avoids elemental translocation from roots to shoots in some species working as a defense barrier, decreasing the phytoextraction potential of such species since only a small part of ions associated to the roots are effectively absorbed (Lasat, 2000).
Alta poveste ar fi acea a neamtului care ar fi zis: "M-au lasat fara <<glass>>!" cand a vazut ca i-a disparut paharul plin cu votca de pe masa sau cea despre "inovatorul" care si-a cumparat o butelie de aragaz, pe care a umplut-o cu vin.
The rise of the testocracy: An essay on the LASAT, conventional wisdom, and the dismantling of diversity.
Chelate-enhanced phytoextraction is based on the fact that the majority of the soil metals are unavailable to plant roots (Lasat, 2002).
Since the scheme launched lasat summer, 1,104 improvements have been installed in homes across the borough, worth a total of pounds 402,000.
(53) Vezi distinctia lui Isaiah Berlin intre "libertate negativa" sau libertatea de a fi pur si simplu lasat in pace a subiectului in propria sa individualitate, si "libertatea pozitiva", sau "proactiva" pentru a folosi un termen curent, si anume libertatea de a milita pentru si de a construi o societate mai putin caracterizata de inegalitati, inechitate si opresiuni.
A potential strategy to remediate soils contaminated with heavy metals is the use of plants to remove pollutants from the habitat (phytoextraction) or to render them harmless (phytostabilization) (Salt, et al., 1998: Lasat, 2002).
As at the end of November, Hugo Lasat has replaced Naim Abou Jaoude in the role.
Plant roots participate primarily in the heavy metal cation uptake (Lasat 2002).
Lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd) and zinc (Zn) are among the most commonly encountered heavy metals at contaminated facilities (Lasat 2007); and excess concentrations can be detrimental to plant growth.