LASCLos Angeles Southwest College
LASCLos Angeles Superior Court
LASCLatin America Support Center
LASCLos Angeles Silhouette Club (California)
LASCLegal Aid Society of Cleveland (Cleveland, OH)
LASCLiberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (various schools)
LASCLatin America Solidarity Coalition
LASCLegal Aid Services Council
LASCLiberal Arts and Sciences Core (various schools)
LASCLockheed Aeronautical System Company (prior to merger with Martin Marietta in 1995)
LASCLos Alamos Sportsmen's Club (New Mexico)
LASCLEO(Low Earth Orbit) and Anomaly Support Center (US DoD Satellite Communications)
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"One of the most critical aspects of being an entrepreneurial college is leading the way for students to think and act entrepreneurially, LASC has done an outstanding job of setting the course for this in the Los Angeles area, and this is making a lasting impact on its students and the local community."
Both the FASB and LASC frameworks specify a primary intent to guide standards setting, so one would expect similar frameworks to result in similar standards.
The LASC has guaranteed that the families will have no reporting restrictions attached to them.
1988], in the Proceedings of the ACM Conferences and Workshops on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM) [Hudak and Jones 1991; Consel 1992; Schmidt 1993; Sestoft and Sondergaard 1994; Scherlis 1995; Consel 1997; Danvy 1999], and in special issues of various journals [jfp 1993; jlp 1993; lasc 1995; TCS 1998].
(LASC) lifted the lid on the previously classified Senior Scout C-130H SIGINT aircraft, offering a variant of its mission system, the Airborne Collection Electronic Signals Two (ACES-2), for export to "selected customers." As described to JED, Senior Scout is a standard C-130H transport configured to accept "quick change" antenna arrays on the main landing gear and parachute doors, deflector panels and tail.