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LASCOLarge Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph (instrument aboard SOHO spacecraft)
LASCOLabour and Civil Society Coalition (Nigeria)
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Photometric analysis of LASCO imagery provided luminosity data near inferior conjunction, when the planet is between the Sun and Earth, and superior conjunction, when it's behind the Sun.
It's no surprise that LASCO is among the high-quality, durable products chosen within each of the Builder's Choice featured homes.
For further information regarding the research done here at the University of Birmingham, SOHO and LASCO, planetary conjunctions, and planetary science, respectively, your readers may want to visit the following websites:
Zhou is one of a growing number of successful SOHO comet hunters worldwide who regularly scan LASCO images, which are posted in near-real time on the Internet.
A large number of ejections disappear within the LASCO FOV (30 solar radii) possibly leading to misidentifications with in-situ observations at Earth.
A growing number of amateur astronomers worldwide regularly search for sungrazing comets captured on images taken mainly by the spacecraft's LASCO coronagraphs (S&T: August 2005, page 32).
LASCO Bathware has taken bathing to a new level of luxury.
Rainer Kracht, a 56-year-old high-school teacher living in Elmhorn near Hamburg, detected the object in images taken with one of the spacecraft's LASCO coronagraphs.
Many tiny SOHO "Sungrazers" that had escaped the attention of SOHO personnel have been found by amateur astronomers worldwide inspecting the LASCO C2 and C3 data.
If you think you've discovered a new comet or minor planet in SOHO's LASCO data, first check to make sure we at NASA don't already know about it.