LASFLafayette Arts and Science Foundation
LASFLandsforeningen Af Statsautoriserede Fodterapeuter (Danish: National Association of Certified Pedicurists; Albertslund, Denmark)
LASFLocal Authorities Superannuation Fund (Zambian pension fund)
LasFLandsforeningen Af Statsaut. Fodterapeuter (Denmark)
LASFLietuvos Automobiliu Sporto Federacija (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Automobile Sports Federation)
LASFLame Arse Second Finder (geocaching)
LASFLeukocyte Adherence Stimulation Factor (immunology)
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Dialysis efficiency was increased for the LASF group, with the urea reduction ratio and Kt/V both significantly higher in the LASF group than the control group (p<0.
Patients were divided randomly into two groups, the LASF group and the control group (normal saline flushes).
Orion will remain inside the LASF until mid-November, when the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket is ready for integration with the spacecraft.