LASLLos Alamos Scientific Laboratory
LASLLatvian American Shipping Line
LASLLinker-Amplified Shotgun Library (genetics)
LASLLearning American Sign Language (educational program)
LASLLower Alabama Soccer League
LASLLocal, All lines in, Single line to ground fault, Line current
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The Phoebus design was constructed under Project Rover, which was a joint project managed by Atomic Energy Commission, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (LASL), and NASA.
In LASL, the nodes of underwater acoustic sensor network can be divided into two kinds: ordinary nodes and anchor nodes.
qRT-PCR was performed on the synthesized cDNA to determine the relative transcription levels of the biofilm, forming encoding genes: cupAland lasl and virulence factor encoding genes: rhlA, lasB, plcH, and aprA in the six selected P.
Higher branched-chain amino acid intake is associated with a lower prevalence of being overweight or obese in middle-aged Lasl Asian and Western adults.
For instance, Latvian American Shipping Line (LASL) provides a small package service from the United States to Latvia.
It was Sebastiano's insistence that Michelangelo adopt this medium for his Lasl Judgement in the Sistine Chapel that brought about the end of their friendship.
- u'iUi Atkinson remembering it was Ayresorne Park lasl season that launched Mills into his best spell since his 5000,000 transfer.
It was not surprising, then, that Latvian American Shipping Line (LASL) was one of the first companies after independence to offer air and ocean services between the Baltic countries and the United States.
For various reasons, the W-35 program was canceled and the first thermonuclear warhead carried by operational Atlas ICBMs was the LASL W-49, with a weight of 1,650 lbs.
As a teenager in 2015, Verdugo finished strong at high Class-A Rancho Cucamonga, inspiring a jump to Double-A Tulsa lasl spring.