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If the community implements an LASMS, the various agencies would have the framework needed to bring them together to take a broader approach to solving transportation problems.
One of the two primary components of any LASMS is the SMS committee, comprised of representatives from all of the local agencies within a community with an interest in transportation safety.
Vancouver, WA, is the first city in the State to implement an LASMS and form an SMS committee.
After AN SMS committee is formed, one agency typically takes the lead in implementing the LASMS decision-support process, with the goal being to provide decisionmakers with sufficient information to recommend, select, and implement remedial actions to address the community's transportation safety problems.
The first step in the decision-support process is development and adoption of a local agency safety policy that explains how the local agencies will approach transportation safety and assigns responsibilities to different departments and agencies for implementing the LASMS. At a minimum, the policy should contain a detailed project list and provide clear direction and instructions to implementing agencies.
"Formal adoption of the safety policy is integral to the LASMS process," says Sorensen.
The LASMS manual describes five types of information necessary for identifying a community's historical, emergent, and future safety needs:
To streamline the data collection process, the LASMS manual includes forms that agencies can use to record data throughout the year or to supplement their existing data collection efforts.
The LASMS manual contains a detailed outline of how agencies should perform collision investigations.
To monitor project performance, the data collection and analysis tools provided in the LASMS manual will help agencies develop comparison reports at the project and programmatic levels.
"We decided to try the LASMS because it emphasizes flexibility," says Manix.
Manix admits that in the short-run, implementing the LASMS is a lot of hard work.