LASPLaboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
LASPLos Angeles School Police (Los Angeles, CA)
LASPLife After School Program (Oasis Charter Public School)
LASPLarge Aircraft Security Program (US DHS)
LASPLark Sparrow (bird species Chondestes grammacus)
LASPLayered Shortest Path Routing (computer algorithm)
LASPLonghorn All-Sports Package (UT tickets)
LASPLow-Altitude Surveillance Platform
LASPLatin America, Spain and Portugal (Princeton University periodical database)
LASPLow Atomizing Steam Pressure
LASPLost and Stolen Passport (Visa Waiver Program; US DHS and US State Department)
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The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of a pedagogical agent on learners' cognitive load in a LASP learning environment.
LASP creates the Solar Irradiance CDR, updates the record quarterly, and provides the record to the NCEI in Network Common Data Form, version 4 (netCDF4), with accompanying metadata that meets current Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions.
A cross-sectional household survey was conducted from April to June of 2014 within the catchment area of the LASP. Households were selected for the survey according to the inclusion criteria for being a member of this cooperative.
In (LASP) technique set-up, the solution was sprayed down ward as shown in figure (1).
According to IBGE (2013), the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica), by LASP (Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production 2013), the coconut production in Brazil reached near to 2 million tons in 2013.
The barrier to the particle motion was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy electrons and protons, said Distinguished Professor Daniel Baker, director of CU-Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP).
Currently, all VWP countries provide data on lost and stolen passports (LASP) to the United States.
The Fed's balance-sheet policy was called large-scale asset purchase (LASP), indicating a difference in policy from the QEP.