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LASSILearning and Study Strategies Inventory
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Lassi (pronounced lus-see), is Hindi for a yogurt drink, made in the 4,000-year handcrafted, slow-cultured tradition of India.
Lassi is an everyday treat in the Asian community and has reached a broader public through thousands of UK Indian restaurants.
In the good old days at least in the villages, Lassi or Shakanjbeen used to be the popular drinks but the situation has now changed.
99 including a "tiffin" or starter, for example chilli dosa, selection of curries, rice and sauces and a dessert Drinks: Mango Lassi x 2 pounds 4.
Only a few studies have examined the LASSI--2nd Edition (Prevatt, Petscher, Proctor, Hurst, & Adams, 2006; Proctor, Prevatt, Adams, Hurst, & Petscher, 2006), and Cano (2006) notes that studies examining the relationships between the LASSI and academic performance are especially needed.
ON Climate and Renewables, and Lassi Noponen, Chairman of Winwind attending it to explain commercial project to delegates and giving Aa business insight to summit delegates.
It's going straight down into the water," University of Oregon student Ryan Lassi said.
Flyweight Broadhurst outclassed South African Jackson Chauke in round three with a masterful performance while Smith breezed to a 20-10 featherweight points win over Pakistani Lassi Mehrullah.
Paul Smith had to settle for light-middleweight silver in Manchester four years ago but Stephen never looked like missing his chance against dangerous Pakistani Lassi Mehrullah.
If you're our lucky winner you can take a family of four to the charming resort of Lassi, where you will stay at the traditional Greekstyle Angelika apartments.