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LASTLocal Area System Transport
LASTLocal Area Storage Transport
LASTLiberal Arts and Sciences Test
LASTListen, Apologize, Solve, Thank (customer service manifesto)
LASTLocality-Aware Sector Translation (flash memory)
LASTLocal Apparent Sidereal Time
LASTLattice Space-Time (coding scheme)
LASTLocate, Access, Stabilize, Transport (phases of search & rescue operations)
LASTListen Apologize Satisfy Thank
LASTLowest Anticipated Service Temperature (oilfield engineering)
LASTLinear Augmented Slater-Type Orbital
LASTLarge Aperture Scanning Telescope
LASTLow Altitude Supersonic Target
LASTListen Advise Solve Thank (customer service)
LASTLocal Action for a Sustainable Tomorrow (Clallam County, Washington)
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The last dollar had been spent, the last resource and the last starving patriot milked dry, and the great adventure still trembled on the scales.
Forty men in one ship hunting the Sperm Whale for forty-eight months think they have done extremely well, and thank God, if at last they carry home the oil of forty fish.
He who hath always much-indulged himself, sickeneth at last by his much- indulgence.
"The Baron wants money," she said; "I must get on with my play." What she saw or dreamed while she was in your room last night, it is at present impossible to discover.
The cook, for all her violent temper, behaved very differently: she sent up a message to say that she would stop and help us to the last. And Thomas (who has never yet been in any other place than ours) spoke so gratefully of my dear father's unvarying kindness to him, and asked so anxiously to be allowed to go on serving us while his little savings lasted, that Magdalen and I forgot all formal considerations and both shook hands with him.
In this last book thou wilt find nothing (or at most very little) of that nature.
In those last weeks, though we did not know it, my sister was dying on her feet.
So the woodman at last said he would sell Tom to the strangers for a large piece of gold, and they paid the price.
So at last he had given up, reserving his particular bit of exquisite mental torture for the last moment, when, just before the savage spears of the cannibals should for ever make the object of his hatred immune to further suffering, the Russian planned to reveal to his enemy the true whereabouts of his wife whom he thought safe in England.
And with one last mighty effort he sped his shaft out of the open window, straight and true, as in the days of old, till it struck the largest oak of them all and dropped in the shadow of the trees.
"Simply that he's been on my track for some time, probably ever since friend Crawshay slipped clean through his fingers last November.
"We remained locked up like this, last time," he said, "until you left the Opera to go home."