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LAT-WP's Leeds says the top news services "tend to fare a little better than the syndicates" in a bad economy not just because they offer lots of content for the money.
Still, the economy has affected LAT-WP and other supplemental wires.
It took three LAT-WP contributing newspapers -- The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and The Sun of Baltimore -- to achieve this, but the feat was an impressive one nonetheless.
Finally, some distributors raised 2002 rates less than usual -- only 2% in the cases of Copley and LAT-WP.
When the executive committee of LAT-WP met in Washington, Kay was even reluctant to run the meeting of about 15 executives.
Denise Bennett, a LAT-WP managing editor, said the news service distributed 10 to 20 more stories a day due to the election -- hence the rise to 775 words.
That's one reason why international business has risen from a quarter to a third of LAT-WP's revenue since 1990.
CEO Donald Graham as saying that LAT-WP "is a 37-year-old venture that's been beneficial to both newspapers.
Since Leeds, 48, became president in 1989, LAT-WP's client list has risen from 336 to 647 newspapers worldwide, and revenues have reportedly grown at a significantly faster rate than expenses.
(NYTSSC) say no layoffs are planned this year Creators Syndicate, Copley News Service and the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service (LAT-WP) say they have tight staffs that don't need whittling.
"Because of our exclusivity agreement with the Star, we won't sell to the Toronto edition of the new paper," said LAT-WP vice president and general manager John Payne, while adding that the new paper's national edition is a potential subscriber.
"We recognize that this is something of great interest to newspapers and their readers," said Bob Crowe, assistant managing editor of the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service (LAT-WP).