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LATALocal Access & Transport Area
LATALanguage and Automata Theory and Applications
LATALocal Access and Transport Area
LATALatin American Travel Association (trade organization)
LATALos Alamos Technical Associates
LATALouisiana Association of Tax Administrators (est. 1966)
LATALaboratory Animal Training Association (Highland Village, TX)
LATALos Angeles Tennis Association (California; est. 1978)
LATALangues Étrangères Appliquées au Tourisme et aux Affaires (French: Applied Foreign Languages for Tourism and Business)
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The detailed interview of Lata Mangeshkar will be published in Family Magazine on December 22, 2017 edition.
11-14 Brow suspension with autogenous fascia lata is considered as gold standard procedure for congenital ptosis as it has a long-lasting effect for upper eyelid elevation.
Comparando con otros materiales fue posible observar que el esfuerzo ultimo de resistencia a la traccion del material elaborado con palma de lata es mucho mayor al registrado en los estudios realizados a materiales compuestos hechos con fibras naturales, siendo un 466% mas resistente que el canamo [2], el cual era el material que mejor comportamiento presentaba.
All repairs had been performed with allograft fascia lata by the senior author (R.
In search of Lata Mangheskar'- a biography by Hirish Bhimani, the writer, speaking of Rafi Sahib, remarks, "Rafi- a humble, God-fearing, family loving man.
Por isso, assumimos a nocao de resultatividade como um evento complexo, com dois nucleos verbais (como em "Joao martelou a lata ate amassar") em que ha dois eventos verbais e um estado resultante desse evento complexo, sem que tal estado seja acarretado diretamente do sintagma verbal (VP).
Group I patients underwent frontalis sling suspension with autologous fascia lata while Group II patients underwent frontalis sling suspension with silicone sling.
ShwetaPandit7: Sending love, wishes, prayers for the bestest health Lata ji.
Rafi did to Kaifi Azmi's lines what Lata did to Pradip's.
Sheriff Fiona Tait gave Lata time for talks with the lawyer and deferred sentence on her for more than a month.
The two companies plan to drill 100 wells in a 5,000-acre area known as Loma La Lata Norte and Loma Campana in an initial development phase, said statements from YPF and Chevron.
LUDLOW - Philomena (Pierog) Lata, 88, formerly of White St.