LATBLands Adjacent to the Town of Banff (Parks Canada)
LATBLady at the Bat (blog)
LATBLocal, All lines in, Three phase fault, Bus current (electric power systems)
LATBLos Angeles Tango Bar (Culver City, CA)
LATBLa Thrillbillies (bluegrass band; Northern WI)
LATBLimousine Association of Tampa Bay
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Here, C is an angle, LatA and LonA represent the latitude (N) and longitude (E) of point A, LatB and LonB stand for the latitude (N) and longitude (E) of point B, R is the radius of the earth (6371km), and Pi is the circumference ratio (3.14).
Before and after New Orleans opened for reentry on September 17, LATB staff repeatedly searched the affected parishes for known TB patients to ensure that their TB treatment continued.
VersaPharm Incorporated, a pharmaceutical supplier, sent LATB free shipments of replacement TB medications.
It has been observed that when treated with latrunculin B (LATB), which disrupts microfilaments, large tubules collect at the tip of the pollen robe in the conifer Picea abies (Norway spruce).