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It is understandable that he speaks of "sound" ("sonus") to refer to the sensory part of the eminent vernacular because the model for which he is searching does not exist, it is an illustrious, cardinal, courtly, and curial Italian vernacular, which belongs to every city but seems to belong to none ("dicimus illustre, cardinale, aulicum et curiale vulgare in latio, quod omnis latie civilitatis est et nullius esse videtur", D.V.E.
Pupil Naim Latie, 15, from Gosforth, said: "I really learned a lot from the day and once we got talking about the project in our groups, there was so much to organise.
CHALLENGE: Above, Grant Saundy and Zak Appleby and, far left, Ahmed Younas and Naim Latie (all 15) consider the challenge to make the Tuxedo Princess a seaworthy cruise ship left, the Tuxedo Princess