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LATISLandscape Architecture Technical Information Series
LATISLearning and Technology in Schools (Northern Territory, Australia)
LATISLegal Aid Telephone Intake Service (South Carolina)
LATISLangley TRMM Information System (NASA)
LATISLightweight Airborne Thermal Imaging System
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Sama aasta augustis kogunesid Tartusse noupidamisele Saksa saadikud Eestis, Latis ja Leedus: Reinebeck, Georg Martius ning Erich Zechlin.
Ripandelli ve ark.7 katarakt cerrahisi oncesinde latis dejenerasyonu olmayan 141 olgunun %75,8'inde AVD olusurken, latis dejenerasyonlu 47 olgunun %87,2'sinde AVD gelistigini bildirmislerdir.
As the species of Lernanthropus from cage culture in Setiu Wetland, Therengganu, have been identifed as Lernanthropus latis [11], obtaining the life cycle details was the main purpose in this research.
Latis Networks provides affordable, easy-to-use network security software products for IT and security professionals at security-conscious mid-tier enterprises.
"I'm taking a leave of absence from my radio duties in order to pursue this military education," said Latis. "I will proudly serve alongside ...
"Latis continues to be an innovative leader within the network security arena with the release of StillSecure Border Guard Wireless," said Rajat Bhargava, president and CEO of Latis Networks.
"The success and reputation of a business relies heavily on the integrity of its network, and that means network security is mission critical," said Rajat Bhargava, co-chairman and CEO of Latis Networks.
The LaTIS neurolaser delivers pulsed dye laser energy at 577 nm, via fiberoptic bundles enclosed within a catheter.
market has been changing dramatically over the past five years and we believe that by combining sales efforts, both companies can expand more rapidly and better support our wholesaler partners with enhanced in-market sales efforts," said David van Wees, Latis Imports CEO and Co-founder.
Humber Coastguard received a distress call from the skipper of the 193 tonne Latis at 3pm yesterday, reporting that the vessel had suffered a loss of power.
Latis Imports of Ridgefield, CT, has announced the introduction of two French cider brands to the U.S.
River Escapes managing director David Fozard said: "People are disappointed at the departure of the Tuxedo Princess and can now dance the night away onboard the Latis and Fortuna.