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The second episode of the show "Hakol Shafit," which Latma is translating as "We'll be the Judge," was uploaded with subtitles this week.
While Googleheimer is a regular on Latma's weekly Tribal Update shows, it seems a particularly strong satire in the latest Update caused Oppenheimer to lose his cool.
Latma won by a large margin over the closest competitor.
The latest video from Latma, an Israeli group that produces political satire, is a spoof on a recent UNESCO resolution to officially declare Rachel's Tomb to be a mosque, that "Rachel's Tomb [is] an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories and that any unilateral action by the Israeli authorities is to be considered a violation of international law."
The Latma political satire group has come up with a new commentary on American efforts to pressure Israel into more concessions to the Palestinian Authority, one that promises to be as bitingly funny as the others in its repertoire.
In addition to FINAT and TLMI, the five other members of the L8 will be PEIAC (the Chinese association), LMAI (India), JFLP (Japan), LATMA (Australia), and SALMA (New Zealand).
The latest YouTube posting from Latma, an Israeli group that produces political satire and which was created to mock what the members view as Israel's leftist media, features a song describing Israeli leaders' wishful thinking, with a backdrop of terrorist attacks and "peace process" handshakes(
In its eighteenth year, the winners of the World Label Association Awards Competition are chosen from a group composed of first place winners from label competitions around the globe including those by the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), the Japanese Label Foundation (JFLP), FINAT, and the Australian Label Association (LATMA).
Latma, the satirical group that brought you the wildly-popular "We Con the World" until YouTube attempted to remove it from its sites, has struck again.
LATMA from Australia joined three years ago, and New Zealand's SALMA is also represented.
After it got over 3 million hits in barely a week, YouTube has removed the Latma parody video, "We Con the World," a satirical musical portrayal of the true intentions of the Turkish-Hamas 'love boat' captain, crew and passengers.
The study is available in print or on CD to members of TLMI, FINAT and LATMA for US$495, plus shipping.