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LATORLaser Astrometric Test of Relativity (NASA program at JPL using the ISS to help refine Einstein's theory of relativity)
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Not only that, but no matter what gets measured in future experiments such as LATOR, the new measurement can easily be made to fit Eq.
The 34–year old described a controlling manipu lator so obsessed w ith him that she craved revenge for years after their three–month fling in 2009.
Manipulate the mandibular member of the articu- lator into left lateral excursion so that the left man- dibular canine is edge to edge with left maxillary canine.
(Laws 12:960a) Lachrymis mortuos decorare aut non: legum lator non prohibeat.
(49.) XXIX, 1, 38: quis omnibusperspicaciter inquisitis, imperator cognitorum consultationi respondens, sub uno proloquio cunctos iubet occidi, et uix sine animorum horrore, funestum spectaculum multitudine innumera contuente, et onerante questibus caelum (namque singulorum mala omnium esse communia credebantur,) ducti uniuersi flebiliter iugulantur, praeter Simonidem--quem solum saeuus ille sententiae lator, efferatus ob constantiam grauem, iusserat flammis exuri.
A su vez, el municipio de Chos Malal, una localidad del norte neuquino tambien el emepenismo fue reemplazado en 1995 por un radical, Forsetti; hoy el intendente es Lator, que representa una coalicion de partidos.
49 43 Molluscs Quahog (Mercenaria 15 15 mercenaria) Molluscs Ribbed mussel 2 30 (Geukensia demissa) Molluscs Moon snail (Polinices 2 0 heros) Molluscs Mud snail (Nassarius 2 3 obsoletus) Chelieratas Horseshoe crab 0 0 (Limulus polyphemus) Chelieratas Tick (Ixodidae) 0 0 Insects Insects 22 8 Fishes Fishes 2 15 Chelonians Terrapin egg 2 5 (Malaclemys terrapin) Chelonians Terrapin hatchling 2 0 (Malaclemys terrapin) Birds Birds 10 10 Birds Bird eggs 0 0 Mammals Small mammals 0 10 Mammals Raccoon hair (Proycon 0 10 lator) Plant material Assort.
To show the relationship between the sense and force contact, Figure 4 depicts an isometric CAD view along with a high-frequency structure simu lator (HFSS) top view of the Kelvin-ready contactor without the housing and alignment plate.
(43) As Jeremy Waldron put it, "[A] legislature is an institution publicly dedicated to making and changing law." (44) The word "legislator" itself demonstrates this; the roots are lex, meaning "law," and lator (from the verb ferre), meaning "to bear, carry, bring." (45) A legislator is thus a law-bringer or law-giver.
Mike Delimont, program manager for the Washington State DFI's division of credit unions said the regulator wanted to alert credit unions that documents lator that had been signed in ink but then scanned for storage were not covered by ESIGN.
Kushner identifies a group of four sonnets (XXV-XVIII) that all treat lovesickness and whose last poem, significantly, is dedicated to Denys Sauvage, the other trans lator of Ebreo's dialogues (Pontus de Tyard et son oeuvre poetique, 234-6).
2.30 Speedy Sam, 3.05 Idle Power, 3.40 Sweet Lilly, 4.15 Woodcote, 4.50 Strategic Mover, 5.20 I ceso lator, 5.50 Cool Judgement.