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LATVLight Armoured Tactical Vehicle (various locations)
LatvLatvian (linguistics)
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Entravision also announced three new television shows via its exclusive LATV partnership: The LMShow; Las Super 20; and Road to Reventon.
The 2015 LATV Hall of Fame award went to longtime Leominster producer Dennis Cormier, who was honored for more than 30 years of local television production work.
Misuse of the lap belt often consisted of the LATV operators attempting to secure the wheelchair by routing the lap belt around the wheelchair seatback in an attempt to secure the wheelchair.
LATV programming is aired on various channels, including KJLA.
This study indicated that inadequately secured wheelchairs may easily tip over when an LATV turns.
And why is there no mention of this in the newspaper, LATV, Facebook, or the city's website?
9) - Power 106 - are supporters, and one of the most popular places to see and hear the music is on local TV network LATV, where live performances and videos are introduced by hip, young hosts speaking breakneck Spanglish.
The 2012 LATV Hall of Fame Award went to longtime veteran broadcaster and local radio host Ray "Ray C" Chalifoux, who was honored for over 40 years of local broadcasting and community service work.
entertainment ecosystem now blooming: reggaeton, urban regional, bilingual music channels like LATV and Mun2, and big-budget variety shows like ``Nuevas Voces de America.
The stations are affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MyNetworkTV, The CW, LATV, TV Azteca, Telemundo and Bounce TV, the nation's first over-the-air broadcast television network programmed for African-American audiences.
Mazzarella's live cable show, "Inside Leominster," on LATV Channel 8.