LAUKLibrary Association of the United Kingdom (est. 1877)
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The lack of a true culture of transparency and accountability (Schultz, 1998; Eberwein, Flenger, Lauk and Leppik, 2011; Howard, 2012), the absence of a clear regulation until recent years, and the impossibility to obtain appropriate technologies, has prevented people from certain opportunities to get direct and easy access to datasets and microdata of public interest.
According to Lauk (2008: 62), during its first six years, the EPC mediated the resolution of more than one hundred of disputes related to the violation of journalistic ethics in the print media.
Segun Lauk (2008:62), durante sus seis primeros anos, la EPC medio en la resolucion de mas de un centenar de conflictos relativos a la violacion de la etica periodistica en los medios impresos.
Bichler, Klaus; Harro-Loit, Halliki; Karmasin, Matthias; Kraus, Daniela; Lauk, Epp; Loit, Urmas; Fengler, Susanne; and Schneider-Mombaur, Laura (2012): Best practice guidebook:Media accountability and transparency across Europe.
The trend of environmental sustainability is clearly visible, says TWE's Lauk. "OEM's are looking more and more for sustainable materials and try to replace other materials that do not meet those criteria," he says.
In Finland, Sormanen, Lauk, and Uskali (2017) asked similar questions of the pages of various ad hoc groups, finding that the groups' mission determined whether the pages supported discussion or the pursuit of societal influence; the mission also determined the extent to which other media institutions quoted the Facebook pages.
QUALITY CONSIDERATION: Lauk and Lauk (2005) concluded that legume cereal intercrop can result into higher grain and protein yield compared to respective sole crop of cereal.
Michal Glowacki, Epp Lauk, Aukse Balcytiene (eds.) Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014.
As stated by Lauk (2014), European Central Bank stimulated short-term funding in last decade.
Edited by Michal Glowacki, Epp Lauk, and Auske Balcytiene