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A headline in 'Sandesh' read thus, "Blood for blood" (Laul 3-4).
"After that, we're in the semi-final against Spain or Croatia -- a new '94 summer," Laul concluded.
[6.] Gupta, V.; Laul, P.; Syal, S.; Current Science, 94, 554-55 (2008).
Laul was recently appointed to the HOK NY Leadership Committee, a team of six members responsible for the overall performance of the New York Practice.
1993) though, recently there has been an increased interest in this particular aspect (Poska & Saarse 1996; Kihno & Valk 1999; Laul & Kihno 1999a, 1999b).
Laul of Battelle Northwest in Richland, Wash., on largely "refractory" or higher-temperature trace elements, the two lunar meteorites are "twins"--chips, one might infer after additional studies, off "the same old block."
According to the Estonian sickle typology (Laul & Tonisson 1991), they belonged to type IIIb and its subtypes, which are common among similar iron artefact depositional sites from north-eastern Estonia.
Senior editor Rana Ayyub quit on Monday, close on the heels of consulting editor Jay Mazoomdr, assistant editor Revati Laul and literary editor Shougat Dasgupta.
Writing in a recent edition of the Tehelka magazine, that bright young journalist Revati Laul - who defied the trend by switching from satellite news channels to the print media - wrote: "The Indian growth story has been written with the blood of famers and tribals." She is referring to sell outs to big land mafias and multinationals such as Posco and Mittals, but also to home grown giants such as Reliance and Tatas.
'kapp' : 'kapi 'cupboard', 'parv' : 'parvo 'flight, flock', 'laul : 'laulu 'song')
Architecture and design firm HOK has inducted three new members into its executive committee: Jim Berge, Chris Korsh and Christopher Laul.