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Laum and Gimeno were at the hut near the house and were arrested.
Laum and Gimeno were believed to be habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire) drivers and were regular buyers of Espina.
It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank the director of LAUM Laboratory, University of Maine, for welcoming me into his structure, and to express my gratitude to the "composite materials" team leader for guiding me, and for everything he did to make this work successful.
** University of Maine, LAUM, CNRS UMR 6613, avenue Olivier Messiaen, 72085 Le Mans Cedex 9, France, E-mail:
(10)The point is nevertheless the same as Shakespeare's (and Bernhard Laum's): that monetary transactions mimic an older currency of flesh (a point obviously implicit in The Merchant of Venice).
(8) Bernhard Laum, Heiliges Geld: eine historische Untersuchung uber den sakralen Ursprung des Geldes (Tubingen: Mohr, 1924).
The postposition laum, though pervasive in the first edition, was edited out completely.
Recipients of the radio sets include the villages of Labuan, Patalon, Sinubong, Pamucutan, La Paz, and Limpapa in the east coast, and the island villages of Landang Laum, Landang Gua, Tumalutab, Tigtabon, Pangapuyan, Pasilmanta, Manalipa, and Busay.
Laum's "schenkende Wirtschaft" should not have been unknown to Ameling.) And to keep on disregarding the thousands of amphora fragments from Spain and Italy, used in contemporary transport containers, found in Carthage in the last few years (p.
Principal philanthropists, Nigerian-born LAU board member and businessman, Ambassador Gilbert Chaghoury and his wife Rose-Marie, donated $13 million toward LAUMS.