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LAVALive Audio Visual Animation
LAVALabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects
LAVALaboratory for Visionary Architecture
LAVALaboratory Animals Veterinary Association (British Veterinary Association)
LAVALos Angeles Vocal Artists
LAVALaser Vaporization
LAVALos Alamos Vulnerability Assessment
LAVALaser Assisted Vascular Anastomosis (surgical procedure)
LAVALinear Acoustic Vernier Analysis
LAVALow Frequency Acoustic Vernier Analyzer
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At length the air began to grow grey with light, then golden arrows sped across the snow, and at last the glorious sun peeped above the lava wall and looked in upon our half-frozen forms.
"Very well; with all those pieces of lava lengthened like rockets, it resembles an immense game of spelikans thrown pellmell.
It is interesting to trace the changes produced by the heat of the overlying lava, on the friable mass, which in parts has been converted into a crystalline limestone, and in other parts into a compact spotted stone Where the lime has been caught up by the scoriaceous fragments of the lower surface of the stream, it is converted into groups of beautifully radiated fibres resembling arragonite.
They tilt the oven and pour the red-hot lava down a slope.
Lava will be accepting TVs of any type and in any condition, so you can put your old CRT TVs to good use.
With this exceptional gain in market share, Lava is amongst the most popular brands in the segment.
The i2, dealers of mobile phone accessories, agreed to provide a two-year warranty on all of its mobile phones, as the main distributor of Lava phones in Ghana recently.
Nowhere is this more true than in Lava Hot Springs, where houses are being bought up before they're even listed, sometimes for well-above asking price.
Hawaii's lava, the race for California insurance commissioner, and a $23 million ruling in a lawsuit against Geico were among the most popular stories in ( Insurance Journal's Western region.
"You can hear passengers screaming as the lava bomb lands on their tour boat," she wrote in the post. 
A huge steam-driven explosion, caused by molten rock mixing with seawater as it poured from the shoreline, sent a "lava bomb" crashing through the roof of the boat and into the vessel's seating area, authorities said.