LAVGLakes Area Violet Growers (Minnesota)
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Lavg was then collapsed and averaged at three-minute intervals over the entire workday.
Correspondingly, for constant SPL stimuli, if the time period is less than eight hours TWA < Lavg; if the time period is more than eight hours, TWA > Lavg.
The average sound level for each measurement period (Lavg) was calculated to be between 68 and 87 dB-A.
Lavg was calculated at 90 dB-A SPL for the former time period and 94 dB-A SPL for the latter time period.
Mean Lavg and D for the workweek were calculated at approximately 80 dB-A SPL and 30% respectively.
Because TWA, Lavg, and D estimations are based on assumptions that generally discount the importance of quicker transient exposures where time values tend to be extremely short, they are best applied in environments where noise remains more or less constant.
If so, one must ask, are TWA, Lavg, and D estimations, as well as current standards for exposure limits, adequate for application to the music-recording professions?
Average sound level (Lavg): the average sound level for a measurement period based on a defined exchange rate (ER) of 4, 5, or 6 dB.
Sound level in dB (LS): used to calculate Lavg, entered only when the SPL is greater than the defined threshold level (TL).