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LAVILeft Atrial Volume Index
LAVILaboratorio de Virus (virus creation tools)
LAVILos Angeles Vocational Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
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I think that when you are as deep into the con life as Maddie is, she barely even trusts herself," Lavi said.
Golan's main argument uncovers how individual personalities in the Israeli and US governments, complemented by repeated financial crises, ultimately doomed the cutting-edge Lavi program.
That may just be the tip of the iceberg, say Lavi activists, who note that Israeli state Sharia courts, administered by the Ministry of Religion, often enable polygamists by giving tacit acceptance of fake divorces when validating what are in practice polygamous marriages.
The genius of Avner and Rees's book lies in how little they change: though Lavi is an imagined character, the world of The Ambassador hinges upon one different UN decision, one "yes" in place of a historical "no.
Lavi Medtech has specialized for the last few decades in the introduction of innovative technologies to the Israeli market.
Correlation of LAVI and echo cardiographic variables was made using liner regression model.
This transaction is consistent with Lavi Industries' plan to enhance returns on investment (ROI) and improve customer experience, president and CEO Gavriel Lavi said, adding that the synergies between the two companies are many.
000 Arabes-Israeliens, qui representent plus de 20% de la population, ont manifeste mardi a Lavi, un village palestinien, pour marquer la Nakba (catastrophe), point de depart de la question des refugies, dont plus de 5 millions sont actuellement recenses avec leurs descendants (sur plus de 11 millions de Palestiniens dans le monde).
USAID said the project, the Kore Lavi Program, is part of the US Government's global hunger and food security initiatives, "Feed the Future and Title II.
The Lavi Fair is famous in entire Asia for displaying and selling the farmer produce and handlooms produce," said Malhotra.
Captain Ilan Lavi, head of the Navy's Planning Department, now talks as knowledgeably about the financial aspects of the offshore petroleum industry as he does about security.