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LAWALos Angeles World Airports
LAWALeadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
LAWALao American Women Association (Washington, DC)
LAWALawrence's Warbler (bird species)
LAWALake Agassiz Water Authority (Carrington, ND)
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Jacobs is supporting LAWA as the operator guides and approves major improvement plans by its airline tenants at LAX including Delta, United and Southwest Airlines.
LAWA began managing and developing ONT in 1967, after an agreement between the two cities which decided that the move was in the best interest of the Southern California region.
LAWA executive director, Gina Marie Lindsey, said, 'Our mission has always been to balance the needs of the travelling public and the needs of the surrounding community.
Additionally, LAWA said the program includes increases in trip fees from 32 cents to $1.
LAWA noted that the demonstration and validation project includes reviewing the performance and reliability of the fuel cell vehicle, as well as collecting data about hydrogen energy and possible expanded use of hydrogen for use in such vehicles.
LAWA said 14 of the 17 new vehicles are replacements for older CNG cars, while three are new additions to the fleet.
Unisys will develop a multi-layered environment, integrating components to address physical, personnel and IT security threats in order to provide information to LAWA and law enforcement officials.
LAWA Executive Director Kim Day said: "This agreement came about, in part, because China is poised to become the leading source of tourists to Southern California during the next decade.
LAWA noted that the 60-foot-long buses, which can carry up to 140 riders, are needed to accommodate larger modern aircraft, including the 500- to 800-passenger Airbus 380.