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LAWELand and Water Establishment (Palestinian human rights group)
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57v: We have no king among us noht for to lawe ne deme no man for per is no trespasoar among us but al only to h lere us to be obedyent to god and pou may nobt take fro us but oure good pees
52) I prosze mi to tak po chlopsku, kawe na lawe, zebym byla zdolna zrozumiec to (NKJP).
Based on internal evidence noted by Louis-Charles Damais, the Rangga Lawe may be the oldest of the three works, datable to 1334 CE.
RIGHT: Student Andrew Lawe finished in the top one per cent in the recent business environment exams taken as part of his AVCE (Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education) course.
A Comedy Concernynge Thre Lawes, of Nature, Moses, and Christ, Corrupted by the Sodomytes, Pharysees and Papystes.
Moryson describes the Brehon law as `an vnwritten lawe, only retayned by tradition, which in some thinges had a smacke of right and equity, and in some others was contrary to all diuine and humane lawes' (224).
I am gardyner of this [garth],' cothe he, 'the grovnde is myn owen Forto digge and to delue and to do suche deedes As longeth to this leyghhttone / the lawe wol I doo, And wrote vp the wedes that wyrwen my plantes; And wormes that worchen not but wasten my herbes, I daisshe thaym to deeth and delue oute thaire dennes.
His magisterial survey takes in the Elizabethan Church Settlement, the Cambridge Controversies of the 1590s, the theological genealogy of Richard Hooker's Of the Lawe of Ecclesiastical Polity, the Hampton Court Conference, the Synod of Dort, the religious zigzags of the 1620s, and the Personal Rule Although it is difficult to summarize the findings of White's profound and subtle study in a brief review, his basic contention is dear.
Lawe will serve as president until a successor is elected at the union's September convention.
The Bedford was built by Lancelot Lambert at the Lawe and was launched from the Lawe Building Yard, on December 21st 1886.
Georgia Lawe, 30, has enjoyed living in Twickenham for two years.